Watching esports

just got better



May contain salt






5pm-2am Every Day

Located in the Heart of Downtown Portland!


Welcome to Portland Oregon's first and only bar dedicated to esports! For too long, fans of competitive gaming have had nowhere to to call home besides online platforms like Twitch and Reddit. Now, when you want to watch the LCS, EVO, TI, or your favorite streamer, you can come to a welcoming space, order a drink and a meal, and chat with other gaming fans. Once your stream goes offline, it's time to gather your new friends and team up in a game of Overwatch, or go head to head in Street Fighter, all inside our spacious bar!

Outrage eSports Bar will host events catering to popular games, from competitive tournaments and leagues to viewing parties for esports' premier events. Enjoy games and nerd culture with a full bar and gaming-themed cocktails! 






Q: When will you be open?

A: We're opening on the 20th of September! We'll be open every day from 5PM to 2AM.


Q: What games will be available at Outrage?

A: Our games list will expand over time, but games that we will offer from Day 1 include: 

League of Legends, DotA 2, CS:GO, Overwatch, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, HotS, Smash Bros. WiiU, Street Figher V, Rocket League, Dragonball FighterZ


Q: Will people under 21 be allowed in?

A: No, Outrage is a 21+ venue. We may allow minors for certain events from time to time, but 95+% of the time we will be 21+.